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The Full Story


In 2018 our paths crossed. Two became one, a common one.



My heart has belonged to sled dogs for over 20 years. I did sled dog tours in Switzerland for over 16 years until I emigrated to Swedish Lapland in 2018 to do sled dog tours and events there.

I grew up in Speicher AR, am a father of two adult children and worked for the police for twelve years before becoming self-employed. 

Winter has always   cast a spell over me with all its beauties. For me there is nothing better than exploring the nature of Lapland with my dogs and snowshoes. Every day is unique and nature offers so much. 

I would like to take you on a fascinating tour of Swedish Lapland.



Ever since I was a little girl I had images in my head of a log cabin far away from civilization. I would have never thought that this would once become my reality.

I was raised and brought up in Grub AR. I was a primaryschool teacher for 23 years. My passion is doing landscape and nature photography. It is absolutely great having the opportunity of doing it in a great countryside like Lapland. What would Lapland be without the breathtaking northern lights, the endless expanses of lakes and forests, the colors of nature - different in every season - and the fascinating animal world? All of this makes my heart beat faster. In our little paradise you can experience all this and let yourself be enchanted by this beauty.

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