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What you will get...

The adventure begins with the drive from the airport to our property in the middle of the forest. We are here 40 km outside the town of Arjeplog and surrounded only by forest, mountains and lakes. The last 3 km you will be driven to your cottage by snowmobile. 


Here you will sleep...

You will sleep in a northern light house, surrounded by trees, right by the lake and with a breathtaking view of our local mountain "Bårggå". With a bit of luck you can see the northern lights right from your bed or spot the reindeer, maybe moose, in the wild. 

The northern light house is equipped in such a way that you can enjoy an almost complete all-round view through the glass windows. Inside almost nothing is missing. You have a small kitchen with water and gas for cooking. A toilet is installed in a niche. To take a shower, enjoy the sauna!


Here you will relax...

As already mentioned, we live self-sufficiently, i.e. without electricity and running water. If you want to take a shower or just relax, we will be happy to warm up the sauna for you.


This is what you will experience...

On a snowshoe tour with our three sled dogs (if you want to take them) through the snowy landscape of Lapland, you will experience moments of silence and personal being. On the way we will prepare our food outside in a relaxed atmosphere on the fire. You can let your thoughts run free.

Ice fishing is more than sitting there and just staring into a hole for hours. It's so much more. Is the ice hole drilled in the right place? Is the right bait selected? Even if the fish are not biting right away we won't give up too fast. This might be the time where you will wonder if there are any (huge) fish under the ice. An experience that will surely be remembered.

Hop in, sit on the snowmobile trailer and hold on tight. Now you experience a rapid ride through snowy forests and frozen lakes. Here too, we will set up our resting place somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where it is again time to make fire and prepare food.

With a little luck you will see the northern lights dancing above you and you will be fascinated by this nature spectacle. If you wish, we can show you how to capture these lights with your camera. And if it's too cold for you, you can admire the Northern Lights right from your bed.

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